Danny Garcia Drops A Truth Bomb

It is hoped former world champ Danny Garcia will return to the ring in 2022.

Always value for money and entertaining fight style Garcia.

Heart of a lion, good fundamentals, engine and big punch.

Over the holidays Garcia dropped this nugget of wisdom:

Well said.

USA all day.

Never settle for second best in life. Be picky. Always hold out whether for the best job offer for your dream job, the girl of your dreams wife, the country you love and where your loved ones are. Whatever your dreams or goals. Big or small. Never give up. Dreams come through all the time. Don’t preach to people. Move them instead. If someone needs a helping hand help them up. Inspire them. Don’t knock them down when on the floor. Or getting back up. If they don’t want the kind help, compassion or empathy, well then, there’s nothing much more you can do for them. They are on their own then.

Pertaining to sometimes other countries in life. If you love someone enough you will let go of some of your people and you can see them again one day anyway. What ever your beliefs each to their own but keep fighting the good fight of faith. Keep the faith. Fight to the death and that’s it. There’s nothing more that can be done about it. That’s the way it goes. You must let go. It is for the best. Slán go fóill, stay safe and take care ? Arrivederci ?


Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take it Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take It Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

As pertaining to Garcia he is a tremendous fighter still.

For sure.

A genuine boxing fan favorite to all us boxing fans.


Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Surely most boxing fans can’t wait to see him back in the boxing ring next year.

Back throwing those heavy bombs.

He can surely be in big fights again.


What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter

What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter?

Plenty of competitors in and around his weight category.

Hopefully some good fights for Garcia can kindly be confirmed by Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) in due course.

Garcia a very humble individual with plenty of work ethic and ability.

A lot to offer boxing still.

Maybe he can tap into that super-human gift he has been given one more time again.

To create more of those great knockout moments that all us boxing fans enjoy.

He is a big name in America but can still become a big star worldwide moving forward.

Garcia still one of the most exciting fighters in boxing when on form. A genuine boxing-fan favorite.

Roll on. USA all day. Time to roll.


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