Brutal Punching Heavyweight Looks To Right Wrong In Rematch

If you’re a boxing fan who enjoys heavyweight bouts then this weekend is for you.

In January 1st Fox on PBC are putting on five heavyweight fights no less.

Heavyweight fights everywhere.

Which means knockouts could be everywhere too.

One such heavyweight involved in Hollywood’s bouts on Saturday is Michael Coffie.

Danny Garcia Drops

Danny Garcia Drops A Truth Bomb

His lost last time out to Michael Rice in a shock upset but is looking to put the record straight right away again.

A dangerous move sometimes but in keeping with current boxing match making best practices, the right one.

Certainly for fans.


Corrupt Irish politicians ruthlessly corrected after being Knocked Out Cold

Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold

A loss is not the end of the road as 2021 showed the undefeated ‘0’ no longer as important in boxing.

Ahead of this weekend here is what happened last time out:

(Hat tip PBC on Fox)