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Watch: Son Of Boxing Legend On Fighting GGG In 2022

A lot of son’s of revered boxers have exploded onto the boxing world in recent years.

Son of Chris Eubank in the UK, Chris Eubank Jr, being one of them.

Now speaking to Sky Sports (hat tip) he spoke of still wanting to get Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin in the boxing ring:

With humility — first thing is first for Mr. Eubank however — Liam Smith on January 29th in Cardiff.

Great contest to look forward to.

Great to see boxing being shown on so many television channels and platforms at the moment.

Big tech really starting to wake up to the good and potential in boxing now.

All of a sudden too…

Quite suddenly no less… 🙂

It would appear.

We know that the good people at all big tech worldwide will do the right thing moving forward.

So much opportunity for boxing in all countries worldwide in 2022.

Based on what the sport achieved in the most adverse of circumstances and hardship in 2021.

Very good.


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