On this day in 1908 boxing legend made history

What a time for the world.

It is hard to believe the below was so long ago today.

On this Boxing Day back in 1908 Jack Johnson who was rightfully pardoned by Donald Trump a few years back produced this:

What a time for the world — one more time again — fast forward to now near the end of 2021.

You could try to suggest people to be kind, have empathy and compassion for some of these ‘Western’, ‘rich’ countries but when that still doesn’t work… Well then… There’s not a whole lot more you can do for them then you could guess, they are on their own then in the big bad world now… Abandoned… Storms and floods which they have not seen before in this world… It is surely a volatile world and market place at the moment… No one can predict anything…


Merry Christmas 2021 To Our Readers From Boxing News And Views

Surely then from a self defense perspective of companies around the world for their sake — they can continue a worldwide appropriate response which needs to be applied from people around the world with relevant — continued — lawful world commercial and corporate sanctions. For their own good perhaps until some of these numpties get the message and start treating all of their citizens around the world a bit better. Maybe then… Maybe… Until then let companies in all sectors big and small around the world continue to vote with their investment wallets how they see fit. Let’s see if a small, potentially criminal element of some of these departments, civil servants, diplomats and politicians really are for the people like they say they are. Lots of opportunities out there worldwide. The free-market decides everything as they say. USA will surely be fine though. With the greatest amount of respect — each to their own.


On This Day In 1985 Rocky Balboa Won By Knockout For USA

On This Day In 1985 Rocky Balboa Won By Knockout For USA

To be clear democracy itself is certainly in a bit of trouble at the moment. Is it little wonder either. The average man on the street. The average Joe has been lied to so many times by some of these cronies politicians, departments, diplomats and civil servants.

Can you really blame all the people now in some of these ‘rich’, ‘Western’ countries for no longer giving a hoot about potentially criminal elements of these small few, subsections, within these now irrelevant government people.


Titans Invite Caleb Plant and His Wife To The Game

Titans Invite Caleb Plant And His Wife To The Game

More good people exist than you think though and certainly potential is huge to turn everything around.

Maybe then they’ll get some help again down the road from all companies and all businesses around the world.

Big and small.

In all sectors.

Who knows.

We certainly don’t.

Us boxing fans on here that is.

We’re just a bunch of morons.

It’s a difficult time for a lot of people this holiday season. We were lucky to have the best Christmas ever but are aware other not so lucky. That’s unfortunate but it is what it is.

So be good.

To one another.

Help where you can and keep the old faith.

The wheel always turns as they say 🙂


Female Boxer Kills It In 2021 Crushes It In Tweet

Female Boxer Kills It In 2021 Crushes It In Tweet