What a year it has been for boxing worldwide.

East and West.

When talking about female boxers and women champions perhaps Amanda Serrano had the best year of them all.

Fighting on the Jake Paul undercard recently she had her life changed financially.

Great to see.

In her Christmas tweet she summed up the year with gratitude and humility:

The big fight next year whether in America or the UK will be against Katie Taylor.

A competitive match up and one that should sell very well in the USA or UK.

Maybe some of us traditional, old school men boxing fans may have been slow to watch female boxing many, many years ago.

But this year has shown the quality of the fights, the genuine merit and ability of the high level women professional boxers for sure.

No more can an argument of the standard and quality of fights not being there persist.

The depth of quality women fighters on both sides of the pond very evident now.

The appropriate investment from Corporate blue-chip America and elsewhere in the East should be forthcoming in due course in the new year.

Certainly we have a sense that American companies big and small, in all sectors, around the world, will vote with their wallets and appropriately pending on who deserves it, how they treat people and how they behave moving forward.

Let’s see who deserves and wins the investments.

Certainly there is new demand in new markets now in places around the world.

It is worthy surely to invest in these women boxers’ careers.

Maybe changing the duration of women’s pro boxing rounds to 3 minutes would be appropriate to attract even more investment and fans to it but that’s for the relevant regulators to study more.

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