Insane Combined Records Of Last 5 Opponents For Champion Boxer

Josh Taylor has rightly been put in most pound for pound lists this year.

He is there on merit and the quality of his work a direct mirror reflection of his transparent, genuine and honest hard work.

Who he is is a fighter. That much is clear. Scotland are lucky to have him.

All things considering, he could already be the best Scottish boxer of all-time.

Fans have really enjoyed his fights and one boxing coach in the UK pointed out something that should not be ignored:

The fact of the matter is that Taylor will be knocking on the door of much-deserved big fights in 2022.

He maybe doesn’t get enough interest from boxing fans which is unfortunate as he is there on merit as a pound for pound star.


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At the moment Taylor holds a professional boxing record of 18-0-13 KO.

So many excellent matchups that Taylor could be in next year.

Roll on.


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