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Watch: Putin Stages Spoof Ceremony That No One Cares About As Mayhem Descends Upon Him

You know, maybe we bang on about boxing being a great sport for humanity a lot on here.

Only because it is though.


Corrupt Irish politicians ruthlessly corrected after being Knocked Out Cold

Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold

It genuinely is.

This from the pound for pound best fighter on Earth at the moment Saul Canelo Alvarez more evidence here:

Very good.


Class act Alvarez.


Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take it Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take It Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

Quite a good guy for sure.

Well done to the good men and women above who made that possible.

Full respect and merry Christmas to them.


Mayweather Tests His Giant Bodyguard's Punch Power

Watch: Mayweather Tests His Giant Bodyguard’s Punch Power

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