Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention At Boxing Match Ahead Of Christmas

What a year it has been for blonde bombshell beauty Ebanie Bridges of Australia.

One of the big stories in boxing this year for sure.


Corrupt Irish politicians ruthlessly corrected after being Knocked Out Cold

Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold

No question about it.

She appears to be back home in native Australia now and has grabbed attention one more time again at a boxing event in Australia:

Dayum the Bridges story continues to roll on 🙂

It is thought that she could challenge for a world title in the new year.

What a time for Australian boxing also.

The amount of Australian fighters that have given boxing fans quality fights this year has been commendable and above reproach.


Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take it Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take It Easy Bro Be Cool Chill