World’s Best Female Fighter Shows Compassion For Beaten Opponent

Amanda Serrano made history last weekend one more time with another big win in boxing.

Fighting on the undercard of Jake Paul, Serrano also made a career high pay day. A product of her hard work and success.

When it comes to female boxers there is a debate around the best whether it be Claressa Shields, Katie Taylor or Serrano.

We like many other publications only introduced the pound for pound female rankings this year and currently have Shields as number one but each to their own.

With that being said, perhaps one thing that can’t be debated however is this credential from Serrano:

It surely separate’s her from her other two peers in one distinct way.

As a three-combat sport world champion it surely makes Serrano the overall best female fighter across all the fight sports.

Following her latest win in boxing, which is her key focus now, Serrano showed compassion for her beaten opponent which has received a significant reaction and gone viral:

Very good.

Serrano now looks set to take on Katie Taylor in a major fight next year at some point.

Serrano moved into the number two spot in our pound for pound women’s rankings after last weekend but next year it could surely all change quickly again.