Graphic Depicts 4 Big Fights For Women’s Boxing In 2022

After appearing to be failing and flat lining at the start of the year the relevant players, TV companies and appropriate commercial partners have given women’s boxing the boost and help it needed as the 2021 went on.

This has also been down to the quality of the fights.

The standard of matchmaking wouldn’t have been there if the quality of the fight talent wasn’t there in the first place.

Fight fans, you, yes you, the paying customer, who is always right, have shown a genuine willingness to part with your hard-earned money to buy or attend some of these fights.

This graphic posted by three-combat-sport world champion Amanda Serrano on Twitter (hat tip) shows as much for these fights of interest next year:

Certainly a big year awaits those 8 women next year.

Good fights ahead for fight fans all over the shop.