Adrien Broner Possibly In Contention For Big Money Fight

Old ‘AB’ Adrien Broner is still a big name in boxing.

Not old enough yet to retire.

Not by a long shot.

For that reason. if he comes back, like he says he will — surely he’ll land a big fight again.

Surprisingly one of his peers has linked him to a fight with Jake Paul no less:

Realistically that won’t happen as Broner would outclass novice pro Paul at this point.

Sure it would make money but Paul appears to be intelligent.

Not long ago Broner was getting pointers and tips from a man who was peerless in his time.

Floyd Mayweather.

Maybe Mayweather the trainer could help Broner get the eye of the tiger back a little in terms of motivation.

Broner still a big name and a lot of ability.