Look, in many ways it’s bloody bleak times for the world at the moment.


That said, us boxing fans can’t complain about nothing — with the bright light of the sweet science in 2021.

What a year.

So many good fights.

Next year it’s the big one.

That’s right.

The big one.

Surely Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford can happen now?

There is no reasonable logic that says it can’t.

The mother of all fights in the modern era of welterweight championship boxing.

It really works when you, the boxing fans, keep demanding and asking for the fights you want.

Look at what doing so this year has delivered.

Very good.

Carry on.

Respectfully — keep rattling the cage for this fight — it has to happen — don’t let any perceived fat cats in City Hall stop this fight from happening 🙂

On a serious note it genuinely will be a tremendous match up for the modern era of boxing:

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