Undefeated Russian Knock Out Artist Goes Back To Work Tonight

Russian Knock Out Artist Goes Back To Work This Weekend

Russia’s Artur Beterbiev could be one of the most exciting boxing fan favorites in the sport today.

For good reason too.

So far he has quickly amassed an impressive 100% record of 16-0-16 KO.

Boxing fans continue to tune into his fights and it is little surprise with the exciting nature of them.


one of russia best fighters

One Of Russia’s Best Defends Title Setting Up Big 2022

A devout Muslim who’s faith and trust in God is everything to him first and foremost — he appears to be highly motivated ahead of his latest bout.

He takes on Marcus Browne this tonight in Canada in a tremendous match up in the light heavyweight division:

(Hat tip Top Rank Boxing YouTube)

Brilliant fight for boxing fans in the making potentially this one.

Beterbiev surely the most exciting and one of the best Russian boxers in the world today. Clearly a man on a mission and a big future ahead.

The fight will be for his WBC and IBF light-heavyweight titles.

For more on him here is some of his story. A fighter potentially linked with a bout against pound for pound number one fighter in the world and Mexico’s ‘Numero Uno’ Saul Canelo Alvarez:

With all the talk of Russia in the ‘news’ lately important some of the richer Western countries look at things from all viewpoints and perspectives to put their — when it suits them — maybe — ‘democracy’ — to the test. If they really do claim to be for the people in fact like they profess. Or if they are in fact for freedom of speech per the Constitution. We don’t known anything mind you. Each to their own.

Until you have either lived in a Russian household or Chinese household with Russian or Chinese people, in any country around the world, or within those countries themselves, many don’t know anything.

Some of them are the kindest, coolest, most knowledgeable people you will ever meet in life.


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Never equate garbage politics with people. Or professional sport and professional athletes for that matter. People are just people. Two legs two arms. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The West often quick to judge the East incorrectly so often. Each to their own.

Good and bad everywhere but more good than bad surely.

As for boxing fans we can’t complain for another time this weekend in tremendous fights to look forward to worldwide.


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