Tyson Fury Reveals Five Man 2022 Hitlist

The ever unpredictable and showman lineal heavyweight champion of the world has struck again.

Tyson Fury exploded another time onto the world of sport this year.

Capturing attention in America particularly.

American and worldwide boxing fans have taken to him as a real fan favorite in recent times.


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3 Things The Greatest Russian And Irish Fighter That Ever Lived Did Well

With showmanship he also backed up this up.

By a trilogy fight knockout win in the ring over Deontay Wilder.

His five man hitlist he has revealed for next year as the following:

Classic Fury.

Maybe Alexander Usyk of the Ukraine a notable absentee above.

That said anything is possible.

One thing is for certain.

Another huge year for heavyweight boxing and worldwide boxing is set for 2022.


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