George Foreman vs Mike Tyson Who Would Have Won

George Foreman vs Mike Tyson Who Would Have Won

Got baptized as a 33-year-old man last Sunday by Americans. It was something else. Baptized by Texas pastors husband and wife after they baptized their kids first. Baptism, a surreal, almost unexplainable experience. Amazing.


Born again. Onto the next chapter of the voyage and book. Still recovering a bit. Bit tired since Sunday but all good. Thank God for America and Americans. What a country. What a people. Amazing people.

Mexico and Mexicans too. Viva Mexico.

Gets one thinking.

Life and death are both beautiful things.

For sure.

Boxing is a passion and a job but we are all very lucky as media, or any other non-active participants whether it be promoters, managers and so forth, to be involved in any way in this special sport.


The sweet science is returning to mainstream every day that goes by now.

This is down to the special fighters who take the ultimate risk.

For the entertainment and viewing of mere mortals like us boxing fans worldwide.

Maybe two of the most special fighters of their respective eras to do this and arguably two of the biggest punchers ever Mike Tyson and George Foreman stand for a lot these days.

All believers in God surely brothers and much of the wisdom both have on their respective YouTube channels and platforms well worth a listen.

But who would have won if they fought in their primes?

Hard to say.

Both were legends who had power in either hand.

Foreman would have had a bit of height and reach but often that suited a prime Tyson.

The sheer devastating punching power of both would have made for some viewing.

What a fight it would have been:


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