Boxing Trainer Exactly Right On Concerning Trend To Be Stamped Out

Boxing fans while they enjoy the sport of boxing know just how dangerous it is.

One where safety of the fighters is paramount.

With the rise of platforms like Tiktok and the like many personal trainers seem to be approaching professional fighters under the guise as actual real professional boxing trainers:

Spot on.

The risk is that some young professional fighters could get conned.

Essentially into thinking some of these are on par with actual boxing trainers like the above.

There is a distinction for sure.

As regards the Mayweather pad work by the legendary Roger Mayweather (RIP).

Some things can get popularized for social media. Don’t believe everything you see or read.


Secretary Of Defense You Forgetting Someone 80 Years Since Pearl Harbor

For instance even as regards the Mayweather defense.

Mayweather was not the creator of aspects of it at all. It was adopted from elsewhere in the beginning.

Even though he is the best defensive and one of the best fighters in general of all-time.

This actually started in Philadelphia.

As the Philly Shell and Philly Crouching Crab.

As coach Luis pointed out to us at the legendary Jonny Tocco Boxing Gym in Las Vegas.


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