Old Blinken At It Again – Reminiscent Of Homer Simpson vs Tatum Fight

Secretary Anthony Blinken of the USA seems like a competent individual mostly. Nothing against him. Seems like a good professional and the correct mentality mostly for the continued conflict situations in different parts of the world.

With respect though, he appears to be hell bent on getting the United States, himself, and all Americans battered.

Reminiscent of this legendary fight no less:

Old Blinken banging on again about the following:

Shut it Blinken. Less of some of this garbage. Many businesses in America small and large are getting killed by you brother. Do us a favor with some of your rhetoric. No one is intimidated by it overseas or in America. More diplomacy is needed.

Poor. No good.

Yes working with other countries and allies worldwide crucial but not at the expense of hurting America’s national security and defense interests.

Domestic and foreign.

If you really give a hoot about all the people of America and Americans around the world you’d realize you are losing some of the best ones by the day.

Case in point Edward Snowden in Russia.

At least give him a fair trial as the the world continues to put pressure on you to go one further.

To give him back his American passport which you wrongfully robbed from him.

It would be a huge advantage for you, America and the entire world for you to do so. Huge opportunity for sure.

Civil dialogue is a two-way street with other countries and your own brightest people like Snowden.

Just like there should be civil dialogue between Democrats, Republicans and all ‘parties’ why can’t you all just get along and be friends you bloody goons 🙂

Another thing Blinken.

This infrastructure deal seems to be on the blink but maybe unfairly so.

People seem to be giving poor old President Biden a hard time about this infrastructure deal.

Don’t give him a heart attack Blinken. He is trying is best and is capable.


Gervonta Davis Win Great LA Success Story During Turmoil In America

Gervonta Davis Win Great LA Success Story During Turmoil In America

As some of this administration is if they actually used their abilities.

It is actually the most innovative thing by far from him and this administration has come up with.

Yeah but here Blinken come on see this man:


Some experts are suggesting elements could see national debt increase.

Which is already putting America at the mercy of various things, increase between 18 to 23 per cent.

Certainly in the short and interim.


Hall of Famer On Working For JFK US Attorney General

Watch: Hall Of Famer On Working For JFK US Attorney General

You have to do good now as well as the mid and long-term don’t you Blinken.

Okay then.

Now is more important than ever.

How is the above serving the national security interests of America?

Just some slight adjustments from very capable people you have would iron out any bugs.

Temporary policies are often mostly permanent ones from government asking Americans to wait just another few weeks.

Just another few months.

Just another few years.


Get the job done now while you still have time you’re getting us all killed man.

You can do this. We all believe in you. We know you can do this if you try hard for the people of America.

All countries have values and history which should be preserved.

Never to be lost to some robotic ‘group think’ mentality ideology.

You’re either for the people or your not Blinken.

Lets go Blinken.

You can do it.

We got you.


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