Like anything in this world, boxing is a business.

You’d be a fool to think otherwise.

Everything you do everyday whether going to the shop or buying an ice cream, is all business.

It’s just business.

Nothing personal.

There’s a human element that comes into it though in everything, the customer is always right and when things bleed into other things, business either grows or gets cut off.

Life in itself is a business.


Hall of Famer On Working For JFK US Attorney General

Watch: Hall Of Famer On Working For JFK US Attorney General

Everything is a business.

Life itself is a business.

Marriage is a business. The marriage certificate you sign with your wife is a business in the jurisdiction of the country you do so on.

You obviously go into in good faith though until death do you part.

Like in any business.

Whether governments disagreeing with other governments.

As in any business, the customer (in that case the citizens of their respective countries) is always right.

Contract of employment between employer and employee…


House sale agreed by agent and buyer…


Well, maybe others are not as honorable, or forthright in any business, commercial, government or otherwise.

Let people do whatever they want.

Each to their own.

But when it comes to the boxing business.

In terms of the fights fans genuinely want to see.

More than any…

Remember, if no boxing fans there is no business.

You the boxing fan are always right.

There is no industry without you.


Secretary Of Defense You Forgetting Someone 80 Years Since Pearl Harbor

There is no big time boxing or big fights.

It’s one fight fans want more than any else.

More than any.

Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford:

We don’t know who needs to here this but you’d be well advised to make this fight in 2022.

Get on with it.

That said, credit to all the superb match making this year.

It has been some of the best match making of the last 30 years in boxing.

Well done to all involved.

But come on.


Boxing Example to let fighting to boxers not Il-Advised Secretary Blinken

Boxing Example To Let Fighting To Boxers Not Il-Advised Secretary Blinken

Boxing fans have been asking for Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford for years now.

Remember who pays your salary in your wallet.

That’s right.

Very good.

In conclusion, the matchmaking in boxing has been tremendous for some time now.

Credit must be also for pragmatic, measurement-purposes — fairly afforded to those making these fights.


Boxing is doing great now.

Very good.


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Hypocrite Mike Tyson Needs To Get Real On Some Of This Drugs Crap

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