ESPN is known as the worldwide leader in the sport industry.

The main sports network in America moreover.

The type of money that floats around on these networks for things like the super bowl is insane and if boxing in America can keep growing like this, and get up there with the NFL and NBA, it will only help boxing worldwide.

Despite the world situation the last two years which has been crippling for the world. Boxing as a sport has dug down deep and battled through with high quality match making and new young prospect fighters breaking through to world honors both being key factors.

One of the main bosses at ESPN Stephen A. Smith tonight reacted to a fight that his network wasn’t even showing.

He or his bosses at Disney had no business interest in tonight’s boxing so the below says a lot.

A huge endorsement for the return of boxing to the mainstream sport landscape in America, and subsequently, worldwide:

Once more, this is down to the quality of the fights and match making.

It genuinely is.

Boxing is on fire because fans are so compelled to tune to some of these highly competitive match ups with great story lines and personalities.

One of boxing’s best fighters maybe said it best tonight:

If they could Crawford vs Errol Spence on ESPN and on another dual network production like Fox, or what have you, it would be huge in 2022.


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