Boxing Legend Strikes Once Again

Boxing Legend Strikes Once Again

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko of the Ukraine has been maybe one of the best ambassadors for boxing outside the ring.

Boxing fans enjoyed some of his fights for sure too.

Recently at the 2021 Web Summit Klitschko launched a new technology venture.

He had a good point here recently further again:

So much change in the world at the moment.

Some good some not so much but from a tech sense the new thing seems to be this Web 3.0.

Nothing against aspects of it but the sheer insufferable buffoonery along with these ‘uncool’ tech start-up phrase things another story.

Almost like the casual, lame, wack nature — of the sheer spoofery — numbskull, jerk, rodent-like dispensing that goes with some these BS terms are used with — is rather lazy at times.

All things considering.

As in this kind of thing…

Typical LA/California tech enthusiast: “Hey man did you hear about Web 3.0?… It’s about to blow up! It’s going to be the next big thing!

Response: “Pardon me? Bye now.

With all due respect fook that.

Do me a favor.

Who comes up with this stuff is anybody’s bloody guess.

Each to their own.

As for Klitschko above.

Another great gem from him.

Here are some of his best moments in the boxing ring:


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