Mike Tyson is maybe the most famous boxer alongside Muhammad Ali that ever lived.

Floyd Mayweather quite famous too.

But when it comes to heavyweights Tyson captured the world’s attention with that magic factor of knockouts.

He knocked people out.

On a regular basis.


Peak Tyson was exceptional entertainment for boxing fans.

He drew the masses.

Old Tyson has been in rare form recently on his podcast and his being chopping it up all things boxing, UFC, life and so on.

Look obviously he gets it wrong plenty of course — like us all as mere mortals — but this surely another wisdom gem from Tyson:

Spot on Tyson.

Only thing worth fearing is God.

Nothing else.

Put your trust in the son of God Jesus Christ and everything works out just like it is supposed to.

Maybe we are not in control as much as we think we are and the author of our book and life isn’t in fact us at all.

Each to their own.

Too much pointless, needless fear and negativity in the world at the moment.

The ever changing situation given the world situation the last two years maybe hasn’t helped civilization.

90% of the world seem to be riddled with negativity. Western rich countries’ governments surely have not helped either but no one perfect.

Obviously the last couple of years have been difficult for many but God is good.

All the time.

The wheel always turns as they say.

As for old Tyson here’s a great look back at some of his best knockouts:

(Hat tip Boxing Matrix)


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