Englishman Quite Upset and Jabs USA Competitors For Battering Him

Dear oh dear.

Boxing sometimes is one of those slightly mad eccentric sports even.

Where the administrators of said sport sometimes become part of the story line itself before the fights (the only thing that count). Strangely. Politics often garbage in any sport or boxing like in all things of course. Each to their own.

Like part of some bloody Shakespearean weird fook’en play or something at times. Similar in the past where Don King was well known as a promoter in boxing. Also Dana White maybe more famous than many fighters in the UFC in today’s times too.

Certainly the case in hilarious Englishman and well-known promoter Eddie Hearn. Very knowledgeable about boxing and real student of all aspects of the sport.

He doesn’t seem to be very happy though with his US promoter competitors however who maybe have slightly unfairly been battering him around the place just for some fun in recent times. Boxing a great sport but strange, unusual business. Surely atypical as an industry. If the previous sentiment is the case maybe unfair to the Englishman who also has a great Twitter account called ‘No Context’ Hearn. Hearn seems like he is trying to do positive for boxing and in the case of Devin Haney surely there is an example he did well for a fighter from America no?

The more boxing the merrier surely. The more platforms, promoters, TV companies and the like only positive for boxing? Boxing fans care about the fights and not frivolous lawsuits or petty squabble promoter rivalries surely.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s big Lopez vs Kambosos fight. A fight which went into oblivion for a while but finally happens this weekend – Hearn said:

(Hat tip Seconds Out Boxing YouTube):

What a fight in store this weekend.

Genuine needle between the protagonists.

Expect all action when that first bell rings for round one.

Very good fight for boxing fans to look forward to.


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