Canelo Alvarez Runs Into Boxing Legend In Mexico City

Mexico city one of the world’s great cities of the world for sure.

Much bigger than you think it is when you get there though:

Huge population.

The WBC (World Boxing Council) Convention also was recently held there.

It brought out a lot of boxing legends and stars both from Mexico, the USA and further afield.

Boxing’s pound for pound number one and Mexico’s ‘Numero Uno’ Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was there on the final day.

He ran into a surprise boxing legend from America there:

Tarver a humble successful champion in his time.

Pride comes before the fall never got to Tarver in his career.

Never overly confident or arrogant Tarver.

Didn’t believe his own hype.

Or that of his opponents either. Crucially.

Good balance he appeared to have in his mentality.

What’s the need for being pragmatic? Well. If you go to the bloody fridge holding a glass of water and reach for a yoghurt with the other hand and don’t have the appropriate balance you’ll drop either the bloody yoghurt or glass won’t you. Alright then. Simple.

Surely same applies for boxing or anything in life. Don’t listen to us though. We’re morons. Maybe everyone is one way or another.


Muhammad Ali: I Talk To God Everyday

Muhammad Ali: I Talk To God Everyday

Tarver always had a genuine belief in himself and never listened to others.

A friendly individual but appearing to take everything with a pinch of salt. Good example of walking by faith not by sight.

Surely someone who like the great Muhammad Ali talked to God everyday old Tarver:

For those who don’t remember the modest but explosive, God-gifted Antonio ‘The Magic Man’ Tarver.

He famously beat all-time great Roy Jones Jr not just once but twice.

Many will point to Jones never been the same after his brief stint at heavyweight.

When he beat John Ruiz.

Having to lose so much weight coming back down to light-heavyweight after becoming only the second man in history to win titles at middleweight and heavyweight.

When he came back down to light-heavyweight Tarver was there to meet him.

Here’s a quick look back at some of his professional boxing career:

Tarver also is well known in Hollywood after his appearance in the later Rocky movie:


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