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Home » Son Of Boxing Legend Added To Claressa Shields Fight Undercard

Son Of Boxing Legend Added To Claressa Shields Fight Undercard

American and women’s boxing star Claressa Shields will headline her own event in her own right next up.

A son of boxing legend in the form of Chris Eubank, Eubank Jr, will compete on her undercard.

A considerable precedence being set in professional boxing.

Shields confirmed as much on Twitter:

Not bad Shields.

The Shields Twitter account one of the more entertaining and interesting at the moment in boxing:

Interesting stuff from Shields.

More and more companies and people seem to be coming off social media at the moment.

Offline becoming the new online.

Digital detoxes surely beneficial.

The work or time spent many get done or use online not even 1% of the productive work or time they can get cracking on and done offline surely whether new projects, spending time with loved ones, reading, exercise or whatever.

In a strange time for the world where some apparent tyranny appears to be forming in some places around the planet, never worry about nothing.

Whatever your belief on the universe, energy, karma, mumbo jumbo, what goes around comes around, destiny and so forth.


Future Boxing Star Makes Good Point On Training and Fitness

Future Boxing Star Makes Good Point On Training And Fitness

We call it God but each to their own. God is in control and good people always win in the end and stand up to tyrants.

In whatever perceived shape or form of evil they come in.

Subtle, sly, conceited or direct.

Domestic or foreign.

We are all insignificant in the big picture. We are all insignificant morons when our final day on Earth comes. Humans’ harmless. We are just two arms two legs. Nothing more. Nothing less. Never as smart or as strong as they think they are the human.

Particularly when the real rattle and shake comes for them in life. Or the people they care about. That’s when you find out what your bloody all about then.

In what seems to be getting worst for some parts of the world unfortunately, look after yourselves and keep fighting the good fight.

Not here in the great country of Mexico though thank God. Lots of brightness, good weather and everyone looking forward to Christmas soon. Viva Mexico.

A lot to be thankful for. For us all.

Ahead of the holidays a very peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving to all our readers this year.

Look after yourselves.


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