Former heavyweight champion George Foreman is on record saying Sonny Liston was the only man to ever make him back up in the ring consistently.

Liston a formidable champion in his own right in his time.

Someone who helped Foreman a lot behind the scenes in sparring too.

So much so that Foreman has said on him:

He would and later in his career his faith would also be a catalyst for his behavior and training.

Coming back as a believer in God and then becoming the oldest heavyweight champion of all time.

A fearless fighter Foreman.

An admirable and well liked individual moreover.

In today’s times there seems to be a lot of pointless fear and anxiety in the world.

Understandable to an extent given the last two years’ situation in the world but nonetheless nonsense and pointless.


Muhammad Ali: I Talk To God Everyday

Muhammad Ali: I Talk To God Everyday

Just trickery of the devil surely though who is powerless over you as a believer in God unless you give him power.

In boxing terms the truth is there is a spiritual war going on in the spiritual unseen world but God batters the devil and his minions all day long. Twice on Sundays. As us mere mortals all we have to do is let God do the fighting.

Devil and his minions can’t do jack. Nothing. Him and his minions can try to pointlessly and futilely fight back, him and his minions can hilariously threaten, manipulate the gospel, bicker, squabble and do whatever but the truth is — none of it works.

The devil is a liar and a defeated loser.

He has already lost the war.

Its already been done.

As a believer in God you’ve already won.

Each to their own.


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