Gervonta Davis Keeping It Real Ahead Of Latest Fight

Gervonta Davis Keeping It Real Ahead Of Latest Fight

Pound for pound star Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis returns to action in just two weeks time.

A genuinely explosive fight too.

A last minute replacement opponent who will be looking to take his head clean off his shoulders.

Ahead the fight Davis has been in reflective mood as his star continues to grow:

Dead right too.

For some of these incredibly gifted professional athletes like Davis having good people and a small tight knit loyal team around them surely key.

The amount of bloody offers and nonsense and fake people trying to be their friends just when they are winning or on top must be off the charts.

People are just people. Two arms two legs. Harmless. Pinch of salt.

Davis seems to have a good team but most importantly has found that balance and discipline needed.

So many big fights down the road too whether Lopez, Taylor, Lomachenko or others.

First thing is first.

Davis takes on Isaac Cruz on December 5th in LA.

Combined 39 knockouts between them.

Expect it to be 40 after fight night.


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