Watch: Terence Crawford vs Shawn Porter Full Fight Video

Terence Crawford proved once again why he’s one of the best fighters in the world.

Stopping Shawn Porter for the first time in his career in a 10th round TKO victory in Las Vegas.

Tremendous showing by Porter but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Free agent Crawford one of the best boxers of this era and looks set as a free agent to finally face Errol Spence in a genuine super fight for boxing next year.

Here is the Terence Crawford vs Shawn Porter full fight video:

(Hat tip Sky Sports YouTube)

What a night for the sport.

Shawn Porter confirmed afterwards that he was retiring from boxing.

A credit to himself and boxing. One of the good guys for sure Porter.

Every good wish for what is next.

Porter and his father Kenny Porter engineering a brilliant career marked by incremental improvement over time.

Hard workers and big believers in God and preparation being of paramount importance.

Going into the fight here tough love from Porter senior being shown.

It didn’t pay off in the end but still a good showing and overall a great career.

Kenny Porter seems to be getting criticized a lot at the moment for the stoppage but what he did was out of love for his son obviously.

No one knows him better.

One thing he said after the fight more than anything stood out.

On why he pulled his son out of the fight:

“I had to protect him.”

Horses for courses and man management different with every fighter or professional athlete surely.

Some good notes here on man management and how the approach should differ from athlete to athlete and person to person here from another sport.

Still applicable to any professional sport surely from soccer managers Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane:

Tough love approach certainly the incorrect approach with some, goes terribly wrong and backfires spectacularly for those think they are doing the right thing which turns out to be the wrong thing often.

Producing permanent chord cutting, relationship, family, economy, financial, business carnage or livelihood carnage for many even in some instances.

Life and God works in mysterious ways surely.

On a bigger picture scale.

Never forget the ultimate dispenser of discipline to his children and tough love is almighty God.

Us humans are only all just passing through this short life. Love thy neighbor as thy self.

Respectfully each to their own of course.

God removes enemies of God all the time surely.

Perhaps some as Christmas approaches sadly will see more consequences. Once again. As the world continues to suffer from the situation that has gripped if for over two years. Unfortunately as things for some continue to burn to the ground.

God works in mysterious ways. We are only all insignificant mere mortals at the end of the day. Life is short. It’s a bloody good one though.

What goes around comes around. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Perhaps some will finally realize who was actually the boss all along. And that we’re not all in control as much as we think we are of the universe and so forth. Don’t get it twisted so to speak. That God is control and we are all just a tiny part of the universe surely. Things will not be good likely for a while but if a follower of God surely you don’t need to do anything. Let God deal with things and let God do the fighting. Or whatever your beliefs are etc. Peace and empathy the answer surely to anything. Hopefully things get better. Got to look at the glass half full optimistically surely. One life. One love. One planet.

There is no quitting in life at the end of the day and you must fight to the death. Everything is a fight or battle in life either way you look at it. Nothing worth doing comes easy. No short cuts. No easy way. Fighting eh.

Only the good fight of faith that is.

Each to their own of course. Much respect.

All in all in conclusion — as for Crawford above — he’s moving on surely.

Onto a brighter horizon.

The sun on his back, with the people he loves and perpetual light in the wing-view mirror.

Onto bigger and better things but what a fight and night for boxing.


Credit to the two boxers and all involved.

Fights and nights like this are what boxing is all about.


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Best Boxer Ever Often Had A Love Hate Relationship With What He Loved

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