Best Boxer Ever Often Had A Love Hate Relationship With What He Loved

Boxing like life often produces paradoxes.

After all not everything in the universe has an explanation as understood by human logic or science. Scientists will tell you that.

When it comes to the sweet science of boxing there is always back and forth on the following.

While debate about who the best boxer and fighter that ever lived will go on likely until the end of time and the end of this world.

One man can always stake his claim to the spot.

In many ways the perfect boxer in all departments.

‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson.

He had it all.

Skill, will, heart, power, speed, stamina, brains to burn.

Robinson according to many is the best boxer that ever lived.

Pound for pound.

But it turns out he wasn’t much for conflict at times nor aspects of the fight game despite it being what he loved most and did best:

Robinson was an exceptional fighter surely who would have caused problems for fighters of any era.

This video here from Reznick (hat tip) takes a quick stroll through his special career and life:

This an interesting watch on some of the greatest boxers of all-time too:


What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter

What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter?

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