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Mayweather and Pacquiao Work Together Again But Not How You Think

(Article paragraph structure only updated below — excuse delay — forgot to come back to this yesterday and re-edit — we don’t usually write articles this long on here)

The biggest financial success ever seen in boxing history was of course the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight — article hat tip Steve Bunce (Buncey — one of the great boxing writers of London, England).

A significant success at the time. One of the biggest events not just in boxing history. But in all of sport’s history.

It also offers some ideas bigger than just boxing. Bigger than just sport. Bare with us for a moment with something below. A suggestion how to change perceived Capitalism, Socialism and Communism.

However like the above — maybe not in the way you may think.

Mayweather and Pacquiao now promote other boxers and their two companies have linked up internationally to work on this tremendous match up next month between two big hitters:

Davis a Mayweather fighter.

Cruz a Pacquiao one.

An example of two companies internationally working together for a positive result.

One from America.

The other from the great country and people of The Philippines.

Boxing and all sport like everything else in this world is a product or service.

But consider this for a moment.

All the turmoil in the world economies and otherwise brought about by the situation in the world over the last two years got us thinking on something the last six months or so.

Hard to figure some of this economy stuff out sometimes and with the premise no one knows it all and we’re all in significant in the big picture.

The following could apply to America and China. Specifically depending on what territories and legalities your government operates in. Each nation is different.

We’ll focus this on the USA however purely for illustration purposes and basically because that’s all we know at this bloody stage. Not saying we are right or wrong either. Each to their own. It could be a capitalist hybrid model, socialist hybrid model or communism hybrid model. No right or wrong answers here. Life is short.

Once upon a time there was a bearded-Englishman said something. A quite brilliant man of enterprise and man of the world. What he said was this. Never forget what a company is. It’s just a group of people. Think about it.

There is a school thought that once a company or this group of people gets to around over 70 employees it gets passed this it can lose the run of itself. Workers maybe then genuinely feel more valued or appreciated for their hard work maybe. Rather than just a number on a corporation balance sheet.

The school of thought goes on to suggest after 70 it is no longer a family or group of people even. Think of it like this. People in accounts no longer are on a first name basis with the marketing, sales and legal departments for example. Like they were in the beginning. Why? Because it is just too bloody hard to remember all the new names. Get it. Okay then.

Everything comes back to people at the end of the day. To love and be loved is the answer on a bigger picture perspective. Sure. Everything else needs to be set up around that. Including economics. Not to sound like a bloody Woodstock hippie or something. Each to their own. But you get the picture. Love is the answer.

You don’t have to beat yourself up all the time and always be your own harshest critic. Always checking yourself every sober waking second of every single day. Relentlessly always trying to improve and be better in all aspects every second of the day. The brain needs a rest at times. No need to put yourself though that torture all the time. Maybe some people just have no off button though. Maybe a productive working rest day is as good as it gets. Sometimes got to go easy on yourself. Chill. Not be so intense and full on at work and let people help. Forgiving others betrayal and forgiving yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. We all do. That’s part of the journey of life.

Anyway, back to where we were. Next, change the above picture slightly to a different viewpoint for a second from the bearded-Englishman. Move around the pieces a bit for a moment.

So in the beginning of this article the two boxing companies are not multinationals with tens of thousands of employees in hundreds of countries scattered around the world for instance.

Imagine how hard the latter is to manage, keep everyone on good terms and generate funds while offering value to humanity with a product or service of genuine 100% pure heart value for the above business owners and society.

Particularly given all the change in the world going on because of the last two years or so that affected everyone.

There maybe a compromise that not only could make their huge corporations better but make things better around the world at the same time.

Meanings of words to us mean little at times as the true original meanings of words all go back to ancient Jewish Hebrew but that’s not for everyone. We get it. That’s okay. So let’s stick with what capitalism, socialism and communism means to people in today’s times.

This goes for America and China. By the way nice to see the two are attempting to work in harmony more from a purely healthy competition standpoint which there is nothing wrong with. Peace and prosperity between the two attainable surely.

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound) comes to mind in terms of business practice between two very different countries from a culture perspective.

Keep it business and humanity focused. It can be done surely.

Russia do this excellently all the time with other nations in our view but each to their own.

So back to the original premise.

Back to the macroeconomic picture.

The problem these major corporations have is in managing all these workers in different nations with different legal structures, currencies sometimes, cultures, business practices, time zones and so forth. It is not easy to balance all that stuff for sure.

A revered world-renowned podcaster said one time the current system is too complex and needs to be overhauled from scratch. A very good guy. Nothing against him. Respectfully however. Maybe not necessarily. At least for now.

What about thinking of it another way for a second maybe.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Maybe a simple one. Sometimes you don’t have to change anything drastically. Sometimes there isn’t an answer for everything and sometimes the good guys are just here to protect you.

What about this instead. Just make some slight tweaks and iterations to what’s already there? Right?

Earlier in the story the bearded-Englishman also said that there’s risk in everything. Not just economies. Everyday you get out of bed there’s risk going to work. Heart attacks. Hit by a bus. Happens all the time.

Unfortunately that’s life. But the optimistic, positive and guaranteed hope that comes from within that is this.

Good exists within that more often than within that sphere then bad.

Next consider this.


Motivated by informed opinion and informed research.

On an critical-thinking, competency, hard work and dedication based-basis.

Some people want to work harder than others. That’s cool too. Who’s to judge work ethic.

The bloody market.

That’s who.

Now then.

So what about this maybe.

Cap the number of employees an organization can have to 70 and simply break the big corporations down into smaller ones based on State to State in the US.

While allowing them still to make as much money as they want and run their businesses as they want but in a slightly more localized level.

Guess you could do the same in other big countries like Germany, England or Japan too if you wanted to apply the same to just national companies. Let’s keep it simple for now. Let’s keep this specific. So to focus on major corporations and multinational organizations.

This would actually allow them possibly work even better. People buy from people. People work with people. Two heads are better than one. Better teams make better jobs for society. This reduces unemployment on a macro-economic level. More productive. Content people worker harder if they feel appreciated.

Not to praise them or anything or maybe some care for praise and stuff. That’s cool too. Each to their own.

Basically the above could allow the corporations and societies more revenue with more content workers and less stress for everyone. Including governments. Thus generating and contributing in all ways not just monetarily more for them and for society with taxes in each State or nation. Depending on how each one is set up. Simple.

Obviously it would need to be properly fleshed out. Quickly. Iterated and developed. Maybe done quite promptly. There would be various tweaks and adjustments that corporation owners and boards would have to discuss internally but fundamentally they’d make more. Everyone would. Each State or Nation would benefit. Nothing worth doing comes easy. No goal, objective or mission surely.

Same goes for future capitalist socialism hybrid or socialist capitalism company mission statements. Depending on how you look at it.

These are just words however. Just language.

Putting them into action and into play legally would be the main things in reality to be concerned about.

Call them whatever the heck you want after that maybe.

From a global tax change standpoint for corporations you could tax all the subsidiaries and broken down territories’ localized versions of the company. Into many smaller ones. While still letting them all grow even more. Generate more revenue, create more jobs and allow for healthy competition to coexist.

Maybe with less headaches. At the same time perhaps making things more fair and balanced for all societies.

No one knows it all.

Each to their own.


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