Reports confirm that boxing’s biggest star and pound for pound best Canelo Alvarez made more money for any fight in his career last week.

His stoppage win over Plant in today’s economic climate, to do that, is some going indeed.

UFC, a tremendous combat sports giant and very enjoyable promotion, went up against him.

They got stopped in their tracks by doing so.

Alvarez showed he’s the fight game’s biggest draw for now. Until McGregor fights again maybe.

But his trainer and long-time friend who’s being there from the start knows to stay grounded now more than ever.

Speaking on Twitter he said:

English translated approximately as:

“Discipline, Focus, Persevere but above all stay humble before success, it is very true that life is the wheel of fortune, do not get on, just observe it from afar with your feet on the ground.”

Wise words indeed.

Good times not only for Alvarez but Mexican boxing, boxing in America and boxing worldwide overall.

Considering the state of the world and what boxing has achieved in this climate.

Enough said.


The Man Many Believe Is Canelo's Final Test Fights Tonight

The Man Many Believe Is Canelo’s Final Test Fights Tonight

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