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Caleb Plant Breaks Silence Following Loss To Canelo

Former world champion Caleb Plant showed what he was all about at the weekend in more ways than one.

World level operator who in time without doubt will be back in the mix of world title fights.

Buckets of heart and skill. An incredible showing by Plant who with more experience will continue to be a big name and champion in boxing.

Following the loss to Alvarez at the weekend Plant said the following:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Wise words there from a great fighter in boxing.

The word ‘passion’ stands out more than most there perhaps.

Maybe upon inspection further this shows you not just what Plant is about.

But other special professional boxers in boxing at the moment. What a sport at the moment.

Looking at the original meaning of the word ‘passion’ that is.

Plant found his passion no doubt in boxing. It showed at the weekend. How he persevered through some of those punches remarkable.

The original meaning of the word ‘passion’ was to ‘suffer’.

Any goals, objectives and mission in life requires people to find their passion to persevere. Otherwise you’d just quit. Right?

At least a sane person would.

But when the going gets difficult it is the passion that takes you through and just forms character along the way. Leading to belief and hope that can never be broken.

Many will say to live is to suffer and anything worth doing doesn’t come easy. Any mountain worth climbing takes time. Any race worth finishing comes with obstacles.

But it’s the passion that carries you through. Boxers like Plant above demonstrate that brilliantly at times.

Finding your passion or something you love that you are willing to suffer for. From a biblical correlation context ‘but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.’ comes to mind. Each to their own.

The words ‘passion’ and ‘warrior’ get thrown around too often perhaps in today’s times overall.

Meanings of the original word often get attempted to be changed due to bull nonsense culture wars. There is no reason why all people can’t live in peace and prosperity (love thy neighbor as thyself) at the end of the day.

So when Caleb Plant goes about his day today he can know that he illustrates the meaning of both the above words in today’s times more than most.

Without doubt he will comeback stronger.

His story at high-level professional boxing is surely only just beginning after Saturday’s Alvarez show.

What a weekend for the sweet science.


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