Olympic Boxer Reacts To Corruption Five Years On From Rio

Before this year’s Olympics we spoke on here earlier in the year about the need to keep a close eye on some of these Swiss numpties in amateur boxing. Some of these amateur boxing things are like the United Nations of boxing. Don’t trust any of them. No time for them. No good.

That said, thankfully they didn’t screw up this year’s Olympics.

This comes following the fiasco for boxing in Brazil in 2016.

Such a corrupt calamity at the time that boxing was nearly (but not thankfully in the end) kicked out of the Olympics all together this year.


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Five years on, what a joke, it has taken them to come to the conclusion that there was corruption in the judging at the 2016 Olympics.

Michael Conlan of Ireland at the time — along with others — being one of the main fighters on the receiving end of the robbery — has said the following:

Apparently some Brit English fella could be involved too as pointed out by boxer Paddy Barnes:

The fact it has taken this long for the boxers effected to get any update on this, says a lot.

The only positive to come out of it if anything was at least this year’s Olympics went mostly well for boxing.

No consultation for the likes of Conlan and others though in 2016.

All these boxers only want a fair shake and chance after putting so much on the line for so long when they fight in these competitions.

As for Conlan, he is now an undefeated pro and could very well fight for the world title sooner rather than later.

He had a career high win last August against TJ Doheny in front of the best boxing fans in the world, Belfast boxing fans.

No doubt he can win the world title there too one day to put behind him the fiasco of the above Olympic fiasco of 2016.


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