Teddy Atlas Reaction To Manny Pacquiao News Most Spot On Of All

Teddy Atlas has a rare talent for summing things up in some realms of boxing. One of the great trainers. Why wouldn’t he.

An almost intuitive way on a human-level but still clarity-themed way on a clinical level, capability and overall wherewithal, of surmising a fighter’s best abilities, or, their career, as a whole.

Forged only through experience of its subject matter.

Boxing, the human mind and humanity.

Today’s news that Manny Pacquiao will no longer carry on in the ring left Atlas with the following analysis:

The best answers or statements are often the simple ones. That’s where Atlas’ genius is there, above, the simplicity but just all-around absolutely on the money nature of what he’s saying there, says it all.

It doesn’t get much better than that really.

What a way of putting it by Atlas.

Indeed, the Filipino people now are very lucky to have a human being like that running for President.

Every good wish for the future to Pacquiao.


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