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Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity

Corporate America has come to the boxing world today which in many ways is very positive for the sport.

While we don’t cover promoters or the like, it’s all about the fights and less about the politics at the end of the day.

This news could see a little less politics in boxing believe it or not. Less politics in boxing and the world always good to see. Things happening fast now. Right on time.

Today has seen another significant milestone for boxing that could see a lot of excellent fights happen that were not planned for.

Around the world.


Conor McGregor Receives Freedom Of The City In Unexpected Honor

Conor McGregor Receives Freedom Of The City In Unexpected Honor

A three-man, highly experienced team, headed by former Swiss banker turned American citizen Richard Schaefer at its helm.

Called ‘Probellum’ it appears to be a venture looking to bring together people in boxing. Not divide them. Which can only be positive. In boxing or in anything in life.

The level of American expertise involved here and capital make this a serious proposition but crucially, they have said they are looking to be involved in over 100 fight events in just the first year — remarkable stuff:

Great. There’s going to be a huge amount of boxing worldwide for fans in all countries now. Remarkable. Boxing leading the way worldwide.

The more boxing the better.

It is thought that there will be boxing events in a number of countries around the world from third world countries to the more established ones too.

Some as co-promotions it is understood.

Huge news for boxing and boxing fans with an emphasis on this being on proper professional boxing.

Not some of the YouTuber stuff or the stuff that has put boxing legend’s health in harms way recently.

Boxing continues to show its growth more than any other sport worldwide.

Despite the crazy times.

The ‘boxing is dead’ brigade are quiet now.

Have been for sometime.

Can’t stop God’s plans, don’t you see.

Great news for boxing and boxing fans.

Hopefully more news on some of the first fights will be forthcoming soon.


Tyson Fury Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

Tyson Fury Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

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