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Recently there has been some boxing legends way past their best days involved in the ring again.

Nothing wrong with the exhibition stuff.

That said.

The distinction between exhibition bouts and real fights needs to be made though.


Not least for legal reasons.

You can’t advertise a fight as professional boxing (or anything close).

Then say it is an exhibition on fight night.

Or after.

There are consumers who bet on these fights under false advertising premise, therefore.

Surely the FTC could take a look into things if it isn’t the case.

Basically a fan laying down their hard earned money thinking something is a real fight.

When it is not being properly communicated that it is an exhibition.

That’s illegal.

Anyway, it appears boxing legend Riddick Bowe won’t now be getting back into the ring anytime soon thankfully:

This really is a Federal Commission issue though.

There needs to be a Federal Commission. One unified Commission. We’ll come back to that down the road.

Don’t expect every promoter to do the right thing like above.

Only thing some understand is justice in the form of their wallets or their State’s economy getting hit. FTC have the power to do this.

Hit them hard. By the time they realize what’s going on, which, will be well after the fact, they’ll think twice.

Certainly other Federal agencies could take a look too to stop some of these fiascos. Nothing wrong with the exhibitions but putting some of these old fighters in real fights is recklessly dangerous to their health.

The brain is not designed to take that punishment at that age.


At least some of the Commissions have taken a stand against some of the stuff recently in different States.

In fairness.

Once one of these boxing legends or MMA legends even gets seriously injured, that’s it then.

It will set everything back considerably.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen though.


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