Barrera and Marquez React To Pacquiao Retirement

In a great country here like Mexico, that is obsessed with boxing and in particular, and most importantly, professional boxing. Where it has churned out some of the best fighters ever in the sport’s history in. It is no surprise the love they have for Manny Pacquiao seen here before in Mexico city:

People forget just how hard and tough Pacquiao had it in the early days.

When he came to America initially nothing was guaranteed for him. Not a damn thing.

People forget that. How incredibly tough he was matched too in America.

To put him in there with some of the best fighters that ever lived, like Morales, Barrera and Marquez, was something Pacquiao went about with little fuss.

Boxing was his job and he did it well, taking on some of the great Mexican fighters who have paid respect to him today on his retirement:

Indeed some epic battles with Mexicans.

Here’s a quick stroll down memory lane on some boxing fans’ favorite fights.

These are some unbelievable fights frankly — enjoy:


Boxing World Reacts To Manny Pacquiao Retiring

Boxing World Reacts To Manny Pacquiao Retiring