Looking Back On The Gold Of Muhammad Ali and Parkinson

While the times might be changing and uncertain in the world, boxing has managed to keep going over the last couple of years. In many ways it has excelled as a sport with its adaptability like no other.

It is important to always remember the legends of boxing that paved the way to today’s times, though, and, without doubt, none more so than Muhammad Ali.

In many ways, Ali speaks to today’s times more than ever.

There’s always been struggle, tragedy, conflict and so on in the world but perhaps with how the way the sometimes (but not always) deceitful mainstream media is set up to today, it is more prevalent now more than ever. Given the proliferation of over information, bull and flooding the human race with noise, distraction etc. Come on, good and evil has been around since the fall of man. Not much has changed to today’s times, really. Break it down.

Ali back in his day stood for a lot of things but did so with no real malice about how he did it, humble, and in the right spirit, which was very cool. His kindness, compassion for humanity and spirit outside the ring, made him bigger than boxing ever was. A warrior of God Ali was. In all aspects of humanity.

One of his interviews that seems to have got buried a bit in recent times is this one with Parkinson. It shows, in many ways, how he was one of, if not, the, most influential man of the 20th century.

A God-fearing man, who just happened to be a boxer but was so much more, in the end:

The human, upon observation, seemingly always needs that base level hero, whether fictional or not, to save them. From the bad guy, or whatever. It wasn’t until years later in Ali’s career and life that he fulfilled that character for many.

While false idols are not worth the time of day, nothing wrong with taking inspiration from admirable people. Like Ali. Surely helpful for the world, particularly in these crazy times.

Only thing to fear is God in the end. The devil is crafty and might fool a few, but, he knows he loses at the end, and, has already lost coming from a position of defeat already. Jesus Christ and good always wins and the truth always wins. God is always good, all the time.

Even after all these years the above is unique from anything, really, in terms of a boxer speaking to a mainstream member of the media, in any time.

Imagine if Ali were around today…


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