Boxing Legend Stokes Old Lennox Lewis Rivalry After All These Years

Boxing, like anything in life, needs interesting competition.

Mainly as it is a business as regards professional boxing and fans want to see two perceived competitors, who are the best in the world, fight to establish who the best of the best is.

The truth and reality is though, in anything, you’re only in competition with yourself.

You can actually do anything you want and are only limited by yourself. That sad thing is though is that 90% of people go their whole lives without realizing this or finding their God-given purpose or abilities.

As regards boxing, the story line in professional boxing has always needed characters.

Like all sport does.

Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe certainly was one of those.

He never fought Lennox Lewis in a much demanded heavyweight title fight in the end but even still, he is still asking his fans who he thinks wold win:

Bowe himself, believe it or not, returns to the boxing ring soon.

In an exhibition bout.

Here is how to buy tickets or for more information:

Here’s a quick stroll down memory lane from the always entertaining Bowe and Lewis:


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