Sugar Ray Leonard On Who Impressed Him Most At Tokyo Olympics

The recent Olympics just gone was without a doubt a success for boxing.

Credit, in fairness, should also go to Mr. Umar Kremelev in Russia and Linda Voigt of Geneva who were given the responsibility that no screw ups would happen. The Olympics went great. Very good job both.

For the most part, they delivered for boxing this year in a very good Olympic games for the sport.

From a team USA standpoint, many medals were secured and indeed, a lot of exciting new talent for the future was uncovered.

Former USA Olympian and boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard was fond of one fighter in particular.

Speaking on NBC with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dog, Leonard said:

“You know what, I really like that kid Duke Ragan. Fast hands. He’s a winner. Duke got good hands. Good hand speed. Great hand speed. And you know what, he’s got balance. Look at his punches he’s landing. He’s using that hand speed. It’s a wonder the guy didn’t go down. That’s it man. Good shots (mentioned while watching a Ragan fight).”

In case you didn’t get a chance to see silver medalist’s exemplary campaign in the ring check this out:

And this, also, in the pro game:


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