Watch: Vergil Ortiz Comes Back To Win By Knockout To Go 18-0

Vergil Ortiz Jr. continues to impress as one of the bright young new world boxing stars emerging.

A world champion already, in his own right, of course.

But even bigger things ahead.

He continued his unbeaten 100% knockout streak this weekend (18-0-18 KO) in Frisco.

In saying that, he was forced to show heart and overcome adversity early on in the fight.

Always a strong sign of a very good champion in the making and a good test to pass (the finish is near the 10 min mark here):

Very impressive.

So many young fighters to match him with too — in and around that weight class.

These young boxers from America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and elsewhere continue to break though.

The new era for boxing has well and truly arrived.


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Watch: Middleweight Goes 3-0 In Mexico With Knockout