Muhammad Ali Grandson Makes Professional Boxing Debut This Weekend

Muhammad Ali’s grandson makes his long-awaited debut in professional boxing this weekend.

Nico Ali Walsh.

Remember the name.

Here are the details:

There is a lot of noise already ahead of this debut:

And, rightly so.

Exciting times indeed.

No doubt Walsh though will be making his own story, writing his own book and doing his own thing of course.

With his own small inner circle team, with his real people around him.

The best way.

Just like his legendary grandfather did.

His grand father, a devout Muslim, stood for a heck of a cause in his time.

Hopefully Walsh can do.

Particularly in these uncertain times for the world, where the world needs a hero more than ever, like Ali.

During these very sceptical times where some individual Western governments, large and small, have become corrupted at some levels now, be it from some of their snake-like individual civil servants and some individual diplomats behind the scenes in some of their Embassies around the world, which, they could easily be sent home from, at anytime, or even as we all know, some of the corrupt Western fame hungry politicians. Puppets. It would be very unwise indeed for any sober minded, reasonable individual or individuals, to trust some of these Western governments at this point. There is a difference between a government and a nation, after all.

Currently, some of the previously mentioned are making the world situation worse by the day with their incompetence. God loves those dimwits too, though.

Forgive and move on.

Roll on Walsh’s debut this weekend.

(Photo credit: Nico Walsh Ali Twitter)


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