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Heavyweights of today’s times are certainly bigger and stronger than in years gone by.

That’s the nature of improvements in science, sports nutrition, recovery, training programs, and so on.

Whether they are better fighters though, well, that is subjective.

One great heavyweight that would have translated his ability to any era was of course was George Foreman.

Speaking on Twitter on where he sees the ideal size for a heavyweight, Foreman offered an interesting perspective:

Indeed, many of the main fighters in the division of today’s times are heavier than the above.

Taller in a lot of cases too.

Foreman makes a compelling point, though, heavyweight boxing isn’t body building or weight lifting either at the end of the day.

Fight ability and heart wins fights.


Mike Tyson On Why He Cried Before Every Fight

Mike Tyson On Why He Cried Before Every Fight

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