53-Year-Old Boxing Legend Riddick Bowe Returning To Boxing

In the current screwed up era of celebrity boxing and boxing legends making comebacks — we have another one.

This time in the form of Olympian and former world champion Riddick Bowe.

Bowe at the age of 53 is reported to be coming back in a celebrity exhibition against NBA player Lamar Odom.

The concern here is certainly from a health stand point.

Bowe has not fought in many years.

Since 2008 no less.

Bowe, a member of the Hall of Fame, boxing fans will hope no serious injuries occur to him.

This reported bout is set to take place in Miami.

No wonder, only Florida could allow for something like this.

Again, well done on these legends being able to make money but it’s all fun and games until something badly goes wrong.

Then it will come back on boxing when it does.


This October 2nd celebrity bout at least is reported to only be using 23 ounce gloves.

The madness continues.

Where does it all end, only God knows.

Best of luck to both participants.


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