Blonde Bombshell Reminds Boxers Of An Important Subject

Blonde Bombshell Reminds Boxers Of An Important Subject

Often times one subject in particular is overlooked for the career of a professional boxer.

What about after boxing finishes?

Unlike other sports, boxing doesn’t come with pensions, health care plans or guarantees for professional fighters at the end of their careers.

Sometimes they leave their careers physically less than what they were when they started out.

This heroic, brave journey one of the many factors that wins the hearts of the public.

Why boxing is such a popular sport at the highest level.

Always has and always will be.

But planning for after boxing is important for professional boxers and women’s boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges of Australia made a good point here:

Certainly one avenue for boxers after the career, the first point, but, stocks, bonds and investments can be volatile and come with their own risks.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

The same work ethic, dedication, diligence and preparation that boxers use in their careers should be used after too.

There’s loads of things they can do.

There’s something out there for everyone.

Becoming their own bosses one of the most lucrative and freedom rewarding, perhaps, as many of the most successful fighters in recent times have shown.

Look at Canelo Alvarez right now for instance — as a free network agent.

Fight by fight, or two fight max management contracts also allow boxers more flexibility.

It’s up to the individual boxer at the end of the day.

To surround themselves with whom they are most comfortable working with in their team.

All down to the individual.