Mike Tyson Makes Bold Floyd Mayweather Claim

Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather have not always seen eye to eye.

The huge names in American and world culture outside of sport, as well as still, even after all these years, huge names in world boxing, have traded verbal jabs a few times.

It would appear, though, that it is mostly on Tyson’s side.

As Mayweather, in fairness, has never had a bad word to say about Tyson when asked about him.

Not the other way round, always, though.

Tyson has now claimed on his world revered podcast ‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson’ that Mayweather is ‘damaged’ after watching his last bout.

An exhibition against social media star Logan Paul in Miami, Florida.

Some had mentioned afterwards that Mayweather towards the end of the bout did actually attempt to close the show.

That he tried to stop Paul but he was just too big to knock out.

Whether Tyson’s claims that Mayweather is physically ‘damaged’ from his boxing career remain to be seen.

Mayweather has consistently said he will not be returning to professional boxing and is adamant only on competing in exhibition bouts at his age now.


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