Lennox Lewis Reacts To Racist Soccer Fans and Violence

Lennox Lewis Reacts To Racist Soccer Fans and Violence

Recently after a major soccer match involving Italy vs England a small group of the latter’s fans as usual let themselves and their country down.

Racist abuse of their own players no less, who actually got them to a final of a major soccer tournament as well as punching the heads off some poor Italian fans afterwards. Nonsensical.

While also trying to break into the stadium.

Always the same with alcohol in them for a small few and ruin it for everyone else. Lewis said of it:

Racism and hate in general clearly no place in sport or society.

These things have been around since the fall of man unfortunately.

The answer to this particular thing?

As mentioned previously, what you’ll probably see, is these tech platforms in the coming months roll out requiring users of them to sign up with government issued ID’s to use them.

This will help the platforms too as the quality of the content will improve, more users time on the platforms and more advertising revenue for them.

As well as benefitting society, most importantly.

It’s all a load of bull anyway but for those that do actually use these social media things perhaps the above isn’t a bad idea, advised long ago…

Congrats to Italy on the big win.

All in all, Lewis is spot on above.


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