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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

It is well known at this point that the undisputed heavyweight championship match for all the belts collapsed in spectacular fashion earlier this year in one of the darkest ever hours for boxing.

A calamity, fiasco and complete mess of the highest order.

It is possible it will never happen, too.

Speaking to Talk Sport today Fury said he plans to fight twice this year.

The first being against Deontay Wilder in their third fight this month but also said he might just take a voluntary title defense for his second fight.

Joshua and Usyk fight also this year and it would be hoped the winner will fight the winner of Fury vs Wilder 3.

Nothing is ever that simple in boxing however.

Let’s just appreciate and be thankful for the fights we have in the here and now.

Given the evolving world situation, you just don’t know what could happen.

That said, boxing fans need to keep putting pressure on promoters, networks and belt organizations relentlessly to demand the fights they want.

Boxing is on a roll and matchmaking has been key to this. It has been stellar in fairness for some time now.

This needs to continue to improve for years to come to keep boxing growing.


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