Australian boxing in a way has taken off a little bit this year.

Despite the turmoil and uncertain times in the world.

The Aussies a fighting country indeed.

Female Australian boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges and men’s super-welterweight star Tim Tszyu have emerged as two big names and stars in boxing from Australia this year.

Fighters that have captured attention across the world.

The latter marched on again today with the former paying tribute to the body shot finish:

You know, there has been a lot of body shot knockouts in the last year in particular in boxing when you think about it.

More so than usual.

Could it be something to do with the conditioning in between fights due to the world situation for some fighters?

Possibly, who knows, we don’t know anything.

Great body shots above today from the son of a boxing legend which you can check out here:


Son Of Boxing Legend Goes 19-0 With Brutal Knockout

Watch: Son Of Boxing Legend Goes 19-0 With Brutal Knockout