Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis really opened up his full fight arsenal at the weekend with a tremendous fighting, boxing and power punching display.

All round, he fought well.

As did opponent and former champion Mario Barrios.

Before the finish came in round 11 Davis scored two ferocious knockdowns in round 8:

Lead right hook from the southpaw stance catching Barrios off guard, as it would most, surely.

An unexpected punch and one that showed the technical improvements fight to fight now taking hold in Davis.

The follow up knockdown clearly a young champion enjoying his boxing.

As Mike Tyson once said, a content at peace fighter who loves what he does is a more dangerous one.

Perhaps not having to cut weight so much could be beneficial for Davis’ fight night performance and mental health in training and on fight week.

No doubt he will go where the big fights and money fights are.

Regardless of weight class.


Gervonta Davis Reacts To Mike Tyson Comments

Gervonta Davis Reacts To Mike Tyson Comments

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