George Foreman On The Muhammad Ali Punch That Hurt Most

It is amazing how often a certain punch in boxing gets overlooked.

The jab.

Often referred to as the most important punch in boxing the moniker has good reason behind it.

It sets things up and often can be used offensively as a weapon.

As well as defensively as a range finder before throwing more full blooded punches.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman credits this punch as being the one that did the damage to him against Muhammad Ali:

The speed of Ali’s jab quite mesmerizing.

Both Ali and Foreman fearless fighters and champions in their time.

Great examples for today’s times.

To much scare mongering and fear in the world at the moment given the world situation the last couple of years.

All bloody pointless, just get on with one’s life always the best solution.

Trusting and fearing only God is the name of the game as usual.

Both Ali and Foreman above great examples.

Here’s a look back of just how effective that jab from Ali was:


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